Knowledge Vapor

05 Dec 2010

While casually chatting yesterday at Seedcamp Mumbai, Ankit of Instablogs made a valid point — today, companies need automation and knowledge management software even more. I asked him why and he said because the churn rate for employees is pretty high compared to what it was back in the days. Loyalty is very low. People come and go.

I agreed after pondering on this statement for a while.

When people come and go they take with them knowledge which technically should be a part of the company. Knowledge is in the form of business communications, discovered strategies, tricks, common business process know-how etc. When these things are a part of a system (a web-based app that is rolled out) it makes learning and re-learning much easier when new people join your enterprise. It helps makes your business more “intelligent”!

Use this argument to sell your app the next time you are faced with a stuck-up manager.

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