1. Test RSS

    Updated RSS plugin & code. Check 1, 2, 3
  2. My React Native Journey

    Building a react native mobile app from scratch.
    #react native, expo
  3. Klack

    klickity klack klickity klack
  4. ChatGPT New Line

    Time saved explaining code to chatGPT.
  5. Empathy in Software

    What makes a great designer/ developer?
  6. Pure Bliss

    How to get to a flow state...
  7. How to Dev

    Nuggets of thoughts on product dev, code, communication & learning
    #software, product development,
  8. TypeScript

    Less bugs.
  9. Paperlike

    Best iPad screen protector.
  10. Not Mumbai

    Wish my city was like most cities abroad.
  11. Software Evolution + Technical Debt

    May the code be with you...
  12. Ambient Sounds

    In-built ambient sounds on your Apple devices.
  13. Mysterious Japanese Joinery

    No nails needed.
  14. Go Deeper

    Be an awesome software developer.
    #career, thoughts
  15. The React Story

    How it all began.
  16. Software Materialism

    Don’t always be building.
  17. Build

    An easy to read book on building products
  18. 2022

  19. The Best

    Be the best at what you are.
  20. iOS 16

    The new lock screen + focus mode.
  21. Version 1.0

    Software version 1.0 is always the best.
  22. Think Again by Adam Grant

    The Power of Knowing What You Don't Know.
    #life, book
  23. Light vs Dark Mode

    I switched VS Code to light mode after reading this.
    #vscode, theme
  24. The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse

    Life lessons.
    #life, book
  25. VSCode's Git

    Git inside VSCode is all you need.
    #vscode, git
  26. Kaketsugi

    Invisible mending.
  27. KGC

    Best coffee in Mumbai.
  28. Mechanical Watch

    How does a watch work?
  29. Spend On

    Quality stuff you should spend your money on…
  30. Born to Create

    Shower musings on my latest React Native project.
    #coding, life, goals
  31. React Native

    Writing code is meditative.
    #react-native, coding, dev, setup
  32. Programming

    Programming isn't about what you know; it's about what you can figure out.
    #react-native, programming
  33. Inner Power

    Your thoughts are not you.
  34. Disconnect

    The serenity and calmness of the forest.
  35. Do Nothing

    There is value in being in maintenance mode.
  36. Writing

    The written word is made for remote work.
  37. Apple Wallpapers

    Making mini waves.
  38. Overcoming Fear

    Worry and fear only exists in the future.
  39. 2021

  40. VPN Not Needed

    My research on why we probably don't need a VPN service.
  41. My Desk Setup

    What's on my desk?
    #desk, MacBook, samsung, ikea, logitech, keychron
  42. Understanding Apple

    Read this if you complain every year post Apple's product launches.
  43. Thoughts on the Apple Product Launch

    Apple Event September 14th, 2021
  44. Serendipity

    Piano lessons
  45. A Psychologically Rich Life

    It’s one characterized by “interesting experiences in which novelty and/or complexity are accompanied by profound changes in perspective.”
  46. iCloud Reminders Syncing Issue [Fixed]

    Make sure your timezones and formats match across devices.
  47. Producer vs. Consumer

    Which one are you?
  48. Upgrading RAM on an iMac

    Apple makes it rather tedious!
    #apple, imac
  49. Consuming Information

    What I read and how I consume news and content
    #information, thoughts
  50. An Elegant Defense

    The Extraordinary New Science of the Immune System: A Tale in Four Lives
  51. Watches & the Pandemic

    Meaning of wearing a watch during the pandemic
  52. Big Timber

    Good show but with a massive environmental impact
    #environment, netflix
  53. Boredom

    Being busy should not be a badge of honour.
  54. WhatsApp or Email

    Being mindful of using the right tool
  55. Daily Journal Prompt

    Making time for myself the first thing in the morning.
  56. Ride of a Lifetime by Robert Iger

    A book as good as Shoe Dog
  57. Fractional CTO

    Trying new things.
  58. WWDC21

    My top features from Apple’s WWDC21 event.
  59. Being a Beginner

    The journey than the goal.
  60. Work From Home

    Work to live or live to work?
    #remote work
  61. Inward

    When in doubt, pick up this book.
  62. A Man & His Watch

    This book is a fantastic read about the authentic stories of watches and their owners.
  63. Website Performance

    JAMStack and the new way to build websites.
  64. My Mediocre Skills

    Combine your mediocre skills into a powerful force
  65. Sky Gradient

    Experimenting taking pictures of the sky
  66. Security Catch-22

    Rely on one vendor and you’re screwed if they get hit. Rely on multiple and all it takes is one.
  67. Soundscapes

    Extracting sounds from places which are hard for humans to access.
  68. Setting up Netlify CMS with Eleventy

    Important notes on configuration when using Netlify CMS with Eleventy
  69. Create Less Friction

    Get things going with less friction
  70. 20 Things I Learnt and Experienced in 2020

    2020 was a year of learning. That is the way I look at it!
  71. 2020

  72. Always Be Learning

    These courses are not about learning the syntax, but to know what is possible when you are dreaming about building something.
  73. The Way I Bullet Journal

    The Analog Method for the Digital Age.
    #Bullet Journal
  74. Focused Product - Kindle

    Sometimes, it's a joy to use products that do less.
  75. Yin and Yang - Can My Apple and Mechanical Watches Co-Exist?

    An Apple Watch does a lot. Mechanical watches do less. Which one would I choose?
    #mechanical watch #apple watch
  76. Digital Detox

    “Less mental clutter means more mental resources available for deep thinking.” ― Cal Newport
  77. 6 Days Being Superhuman

    It's not about the money. It's about how software makes you feel.
    #email #software
  78. Setting up the iMac - zsh, Oh My Zsh & Dracula

    A clean setup is always fun.
    #mac #life
  79. Tip - Disable cmd+q for Safari

    Close a tab, but accidentally close the browser :(
    #mac #safari
  80. Goodbye Squarespace. Hello Eleventy, Tailwind CSS and Netlify!

    Moving my blog from Squarespace to Eleventy (11ty) with Tailwind CSS on Netlify.
    #eleventy #tailwindcss #software
  81. In Code

    I am a developer at heart.
  82. First Impressions of

    Less is more.
  83. Weathering the Storm

    Anything that can help businesses get to a better point for when this is over is an opportunity right now!
  84. Highlights from Coders by Clive Thompson

    Snippets that resonated with me while reading this book.
  85. Learning and Coding

    Flutter mobile app development on Udemy.
  86. Puzzle Time

    1000 piece puzzle during the first week of lockdown.
  87. New Kind of Daily Spam

    We need a better way to tackle these :(
  88. Facebook Is Evesdropping

    Make sure you disable audio access to Facebook & Instagram!
    #facebook #privacy
  89. 2019

  90. Tech Friend

    My newsletter on tech, biz & life. Sign up :)
  91. Blockchain Reading

    Understading new technologies on a quiet morning.
  92. The Obstacle Is The Way

    A brilliant book by Ryan Holiday!
    #stoicism #book
  93. Fast Software

    Software that’s speedy usually means it’s focused!
  94. The Great Hack

    Data is the new oil and we are the product!
    #movie #privacy
  95. Simon Grimm of Devdactic

    Interview with the creator of Ionic Academy.
  96. Company of One by Paul Jarvis

    Entrepreneurs can remain small yet profitable.
  97. iPad Pro & iPhone 5

    Love the sharp edges!
  98. Maxim Ananov of HazeOver

    Interview with the creator of HazeOver
  99. System + Processes

    It does not have to be chaotic at work.
  100. Matthias Gansrigler of Eternal Storms Software

    Interview with an independent Mac/ iOS software developer.
  101. Nike Fit

    Non-tech companies leveraging technology in unique ways.
    #nike #apps
  102. Apple Watch 4 Complications

    Hooked onto the Apple Watch!
  103. Remote Dev

    Productivity soars when you don't interfere!
  104. A Fresh Start

    Doing away with the and bringing in the new.
  105. A Month Without Instagram

    Helps with deep work, focus and less anxiety.
    #instagram #productiivity
  106. 2018

  107. AAPL Today

    Analysts and their predctions that keep changing.
  108. Summer

    Pool, beach and outdoors.
  109. 2017

  110. Coding as a Founder

    There is nothing more exciting than making a major improvement to your product.
  111. Build it for yourself

    Pleasing everyone is impossible.
  112. Add one more feature or else…

    When customers pressurize you to add more features.
  113. Simon Sinek - The Finite and Infinite Games of Leadership

    The goal is not to beat your competition, but the goal is to outlast your competition.
  114. Living in the moment

    A complete information diet is healthy sometimes.
  115. 4 Months of Android

    Taking the Google Pixel 1 for a spin.
  116. Hello, Google Pixel

    My very first experience with Android.
  117. 2016

  118. Having Conviction

    Must watch for entrepreneurs!
  119. Pay for Software

    It is great to support companies that build good software.
  120. One Trait to Look for When Hiring Developers for Your SaaS Product.

    For me, it is 'attention to detail'.
  121. WhatsApp Is Eating Productivity

    Most of the stuff is never urgent.
  122. 2015

  123. Interview Process

    My process of hiring for Brightpod.
  124. Not Selling Responsibly

    Are you selling or interrupting?
  125. Twitter Consumption

    Dipping into Twitter during downtimes.
  126. 2014

  127. Playing Golf Makes Me a Better Leader

    The course calls you back every week. It’s a challenge that is thrown at you.
  128. Digital Omnivores

    Do not ignore the early adopters!
  129. Beach Art

    Focus on the process and not the result.
  130. 2013

  131. Building a Business at the Cost Of What?

    Health or wealth?
    #life #business
  132. Shuts Down, Transparency & Alternatives

    Smaller software firms should not be afraid to compete with larger firms.
  133. The Other Lens

    Focus on building what people love.
  134. Free Software?

    There is no free lunch. Why free software?
  135. Getting Feedback for Your SaaS App

    Make it personalized.
  136. Learn to Change & Don’t Program Everything Yet

    Focus on what is working and the results. Less on what you have done.
  137. Biz Thoughts - Think Today, Not Tomorrow.

    Just like life, don't miss out on the present.
  138. 8 Things I Learnt After Launching My SaaS App, Brightpod

    Lessons I learnt building a SaaS product from India.
    #saas #software
  139. 12 Tips for a Stress-Free Vacation From a SaaS Entrepreneur

    Life is short. Work Smart. Have fun.
  140. Productivity Hacks of a Startup Dad

    Life changed when I became a father!
  141. Doing Things in Context

    Tips on how to focus and learn new things!
  142. Minimum Viable Daily Tasks for Founders

    How to feel relaxed and in control every day.
  143. Building a SaaS Business — 2007 vs 2013

    Looking back and comparing the differences.
  144. You Should Pay for the Software You Use

    They might live longer.
  145. Goodbye Google Reader

    Pay for the software you use. They might live longer.
    #google #software
  146. A Marketer’s Guide to Speeding Up Your Website

    Website's speed is everything!
  147. How Brightpod Got Featured on TheNextWeb and GigaOM Pro?

    Be genuine.
    #software #marketing
  148. How Happy Was the Brightpod Team Last Month?

    Getting picked up by blogs is a new high!
  149. Making Money or Making a Living?

    As youself if the water has entered your ship?
  150. Do You Make Your Customers Feel Special?

    Evernote did make me feel special!
  151. Building a Simple Routine

    How to be productive during the week?
  152. 2012

  153. 2 Things to Keep in Mind When Starting a SaaS Business

    Just serve the main course. No side-orders.
  154. Access to Same Software

    Software, cloud storage, hosting etc. are all becoming commodities.
  155. Startup lessons from a Sushi Chef

    Awesome documentary - Jiro Dreams of Sushi.
  156. Being a Freedom Entrepreneur

    Don't be bound by the shackles of corporate lifestyle design.
    #business #life
  157. Details Matter

    Little things that matter in designing software.
  158. Saas In India

    Why Indian businesses are going to lap up Cloud Software?
  159. Dealing With Anxiety

    Tackle anxiety the right way while growing your business.
  160. Building Gracious Software

    My ingredients for building fine software.
  161. Do SaaS Founders Enjoy a Good Work-Life Balance?

    Enjoy a balanced life while running a 24/7 business.
    #saas #life
  162. Enjoy a Recurring Revenue Business

    Should you start a service or a product business?
  163. What I Want to Build

    Life is short so you better know what you are up to.
  164. Evenings

    When is the last time you saw the sun set?
  165. You Win Some, You Lose Some

    Common reasons for churn in a SaaS business.
  166. Procrastinate Reading to Save Time

    Stay away from information overload and save time.
  167. Simplicity

    Is Simplicity a USP in a SaaS business?
  168. 2011

  169. Is Your Business a Feature?

    A question you need to ask yourself early in the game.
  170. First 100

    How to get your SaaS business its first 100 customers? (InformationWeek)
  171. Answering Emails

    Should a startup CEO participate in customer service?
  172. Success

    How do you define success?
  173. Code of Conduct for SaaS Companies

    We have a responsibility on our hands.
  174. Key Takeaways - The Angry Birds Story

    How Rovio made Angry Birds a Winner.
  175. Startup Dad

    Working smart while enjoying being a dad!
  176. Killer Startups From India

    5 reasons you will see killer web startups from India soon.
  177. Before Social Media

    Your content is still the more important piece of the puzzle.
  178. Ticket to SaaS

    What value are you adding?
  179. A Developer I Wouldn’t Hire

    Be extremly picky when hiring. It is worth it.
  180. Your Idle Time

    Sit back and think.
  181. Gmail’s Fiasco - It's Not Cloud Computing to Blame

    Shit happens!
  182. Are You Playing in a Crowded Space?

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with playing this game.
  183. Small Businesses Rock

    My experience with working in large companies.
  184. Simple Software

    Thoughts on simple and bloated software.
  185. Starting a Web Product Company From India?

    My brain dump on the 10 things one should look out for when building a product company.
  186. What Goes Into Writing a Book

    Getting published is a huge high, but there was a lot of behind the scenes work involved.
  187. How I Managed Running a Startup & Writing a Book

    After about 1.5 years, ‘The SaaS Edge’ is finally published!
    #writing #productivity
  188. 2010

  189. Knowledge Vapor

    Accumalated knowledge should be part of the company.
  190. 90 Days

    If you had only 90 days to live, how would you think differently?
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