Hi, I am a tech entrepreneur and web developer. Building and designing software products is what I love to do. This blog is a way to articulate my thoughts and opinions on software, technology, business and life. Thanks for stopping by!
  1. Software Evolution + Technical Debt

    May the code be with you...
  2. Ambient Sounds

    In-built ambient sounds on your Apple devices.
  3. Mysterious Japanese Joinery

    No nails needed.
  4. Go Deeper

    Be an awesome software developer.
    #career, thoughts
  5. The React Story

    How it all began.
  6. Software Materialism

    Don’t always be building.
  7. Build

    An easy to read book on building products
  8. The Best

    Be the best at what you are.
  9. iOS 16

    The new lock screen + focus mode.
  10. Version 1.0

    Software version 1.0 is always the best.
  11. Think Again by Adam Grant

    The Power of Knowing What You Don't Know.
    #life, book
  12. Light vs Dark Mode

    I switched VS Code to light mode after reading this.
    #vscode, theme
  13. The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse

    Life lessons.
    #life, book
  14. VSCode's Git

    Git inside VSCode is all you need.
    #vscode, git
  15. Kaketsugi

    Invisible mending.
  16. KGC

    Best coffee in Mumbai.
  17. Mechanical Watch

    How does a watch work?
  18. Spend On

    Quality stuff you should spend your money on…
  19. Born to Create

    Shower musings on my latest React Native project.
    #coding, life, goals
  20. React Native

    Writing code is meditative.
    #react-native, coding, dev, setup

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