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  1. Capacity

    Manage capacity, not time.
  2. OpenAI DevDay 2023

    The new Apple-esque event.
  3. Getting Rich

    The downside to wealth by Morgan Housel
  4. Rails World 2023

    Keynote by DHH
    #dhh, software
  5. Stage Manager. Yuck.

    My case for not complicating things.
    #apple, productivity
  6. Supercharged Developers

    Developers + AI = Supercharged Developers
  7. Building Features

    Don't make your users think.
  8. Reading Books

    Sound advice on how to read more books.
  9. Test RSS

    Updated RSS plugin & code. Check 1, 2, 3
  10. My React Native Journey

    Building a react native mobile app from scratch.
    #react native, expo
  11. Klack

    klickity klack klickity klack
  12. ChatGPT New Line

    Time saved explaining code to chatGPT.
  13. Empathy in Software

    What makes a great designer/ developer?
  14. Pure Bliss

    How to get to a flow state...
  15. How to Dev

    Nuggets of thoughts on product dev, code, communication & learning
    #software, product development,
  16. TypeScript

    Less bugs.
  17. Paperlike

    Best iPad screen protector.
  18. Not Mumbai

    Wish my city was like most cities abroad.
  19. Software Evolution + Technical Debt

    May the code be with you...
  20. Ambient Sounds

    In-built ambient sounds on your Apple devices.

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