90 Days

10 Nov 2010

Caught your attention, right? Well, I often think about (especially after reading The Last Lecture) what would be different if I really had 3 months to live. How would I think differently? What would I do differently? And above all, how would I spend my last 90 days? It is amazing how we take life for granted and assume we have all the time in the world to do the things. But, in reality the end could be anytime. No one really knows and once you start thinking about it it really makes you introspect and think. I use it as a sort of an exercise to get my priorities right.

Spending time with family and friends is most important. More than even work. When you have limited time work will be secondary.

Work on something that is meaningful. Let that run on its own and not be dependent on you. Let your work make a difference to other people whether or not you are around. What you are doing is more important than who is doing it.

Start fulfilling your dreams rather than putting it off for a future date. If you love to travel then go for it. Doing whatever that will make you happy is living. All work and no play is just not worth it — not even for start-up entrepreneurs.

The clock is ticking...

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