Being a Freedom Entrepreneur

28 Nov 2012

Recently, I have been spending a few hours everyday at a location (Kala Ghoda Cafe, Starbucks) other than our office. It feels great and most of the time I get more work done than being in the office. Although, especially in India, people frown upon you when they see that you are not in the office. It means you don’t work. Being outside the office (unless you are in sales) between 9–5 means “goofing off".

I met an old friend today at 4:30pm walking back from the cafe. He immediately asked me why I wasn’t in the office. Yes, inquisitive. I told him that I like working from anywhere and the nature of my business allows me this flexibility. He just shrugged his shoulders. Like most people he didn’t get it. Even older folks that I meet don’t get the new style of working. They had their 9–5s. We have our little chunks of work throughout the day. For some of us it’s the nature of our business to check-in early in the morning and post dinner.

Someday, I would love to have the Synage team work remotely — less overheads for the business and no traveling (it’s a b**** to travel by the local trains here). That extra time you gain everyday can be plow back into something you love doing.

So the next time someone tries to be inquisitive I am going to tell him that I am a freedom entrepreneur — not bound by the shackles of corporate lifestyle design.

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