Do SaaS Founders Enjoy a Good Work-Life Balance?

20 Jul 2012

Work Life Balance ><

I love SaaS, and I am also a big believer in a good work-life balance.

The biggest reason I love building a SaaS business (or any kind of pure-play Internet business) is that it gives me the freedom to work from anywhere/anytime, and I don’t need to rack-up flying time to suck-up to anyone (think clients in a service business). I dis-like the rigidity of the corporate 9–5 life.

A SaaS business can also make you feel trapped sometimes — the notion that you need to be connected all times of the day. I am sure this is a mindset issue, but it takes a lot of discipline to switch-off (I am getting there) post late-evening.

So, how can you enjoy a balanced life and still run a 24/7 SaaS business? I think these points might help:

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