27 Feb 2012

Happy Monday folks!

If you run a SaaS company then I highly recommend you subscribe to Peter Cohen’s monthly newsletter on SaaS Marketing. Good stuff! His latest newsletter talks about SaaS and simplicity — how everyone should focus on simple software, less features, jargon-free marketing speak, simple pricing etc. Basically, simplify everything — this makes sense since if you sell to small business (and hence don’t have a sales team) and want to run a friction-less service. You want to make the ride through the conversion funnel as easy as possible:

However, this brings me to one dilemma — is “simplicity” going to be a non USP going forward? If all SaaS apps follow the simplicity mantra (we do too!) then are we all going to sound the same? Is the concept of “simplicity” commoditized and should SaaS companies look for an alternative USP?

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