Biz Thoughts - Think Today, Not Tomorrow.

29 Jun 2013

It is exciting to think about the future of your business but that should not be at the cost of missing out on the present.

Knowing how last weeks traffic came to your site is more important than bringing another 10,000 visitors to your site.

Learning about your current conversion rate of 8% is more important than your goal of converting 15% of the visitors to your trial signups.

Knowing which features customers use today instead of building new ones is paramount.

Your current 5 customers will tell you a lot about your business than the 100 customer your team wants to close in the coming months.

Think today. Think small. See what’s happening in your business right now. Patterns are easy to analyze with a very small data set. There will be a ton of insights you will get by just studying today’s data. This is the gold that you need to mine. Not tomorrow’s traffic, customers or conversions. Those are just goals that we obsess about at the cost of not knowing the present.

Sometimes you need to put your telescope aside and pick up the shovel to uncover hidden gems.

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