Building a Simple Routine

07 Jan 2013

I just started reading The Power of Habit book on my Kindle this past weekend. I will blog more about the book within a week when I get deeper into it. However, as I was sitting home yesterday I was motiviated to create a simple plan that will help me NOT WASTE TIME on social networks and reading endlessly when I have more important things to do.

Building a routine for the things I tend to do everyday so that I don’t have to think about doing it. It should eventually become a habit.

Tech News
Skim through and first thing every morning.

I have a well curated Twitter stream that gives me everything from breaking news, fun stuff, facts to Cloud Computing, startups and entrepreneurship. This is best to dip into before work (only last 3 hours of tweets ~ 200 tweets), post lunch (chill out time) and at night. Twitter has become an important part of my life.

Mainly to see what friends are upto. I catch myself opening the Facebook app on my phone a dozen of times a day. Now, Facebook is moved down to the evening post-work.

RSS Feeds
I follow a few dozen blogs and am going to go through this once a week on the weekend. If the article is so popular then it will either show up on or on my Twitter feed.

Read It Later (Pocket) Articles
Articles that I come across everyday get saved into my Pocket account. I often debate whether I should open up Pocket when I have some free time. Then again, I can also dip into Twitter or go through the RSS feeds. Articles saved on Pocket take a while to read (most of them seem useless when I get to them so I just mark them as archived) I am going to spend some time over the weekend to go through these articles.

Hopefully, this will make me even more productive during the week :) What is your routine?

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