Doing Things in Context

08 May 2013

I can spend a whole day just reading articles, blog posts and answers on Quora. There are so many topics to read about. I often catch myself bouncing between different topics and I keep telling myself that this is just so not productive. At the end of my reading sprint I just don’t know what I read about. It is like eating a buffet and trying to cramp every thing on your dish. You did consume the food but you feel like shit!

However, I recently have starting reading and doing things in context of my current project(s). For example, during the Brightpod launch I would filter out all information that were NOT related to:

Since we have launched, my current project is to work with the marketing team to bring in relevant traffic and manage the conversion funnel. For this I would filter out all information that is NOT related to:

Get the point? Working in context helps me focus. I have also found that I easily digest a piece of content that is in context with what I am doing — maybe, because I am thinking about it and my mind is already on a similar wavelength.

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