Getting Feedback for Your SaaS App

27 Aug 2013

We all want to know what people using our web apps are thinking. We sometimes wish we could tap into their brains while they are going through each of those features. Unfortunately, we end up not getting much feedback early on. Imagine if every person in your trial funnel tells you why he/she liked or did not like your web app. Now, that would be awesome. Sadly, this rarely happens.

I am currently in the midst of growing Brightpod. Getting feedback early on is super important and this is what I am learning.

If people love your software, they will respond to you as if they are a part of your team. If they genuinely love your app and it solves their problem then either you will hear from them or they will bring out their credit card and upgrade. There is a correlation between positive feedback and a high probability to upgrade.

It is ok if everyone does not open or respond your emails. I have witnessed an open rate anywhere from 20% to 30% and a response rate of 5%-10%. Lets look at human psychology: As SaaS vendors we feel our web app is the most important thing in the world. We are emotionally tied to our business and product. Does someone who has just signed up or is on the trial period think the same way? No. Maybe they are also trying other apps. Or, they are doing a million other things and trying the app is just one of their sub-tasks. Think about it. How many emails have you got and how many times have you responded?

I have seen customers who use Brightpod for 2 days, disappear for the remainder of the trial and then come back on the last day to upgrade. Completely strange and it boggles my mind. So, do not fret if your emails aren’t answered. Assume people are busy. Tap them a few times and let it go.

Feedback apps (chat, in-app windows) are good when people have a problem, report a bug or have a general suggestion. They don’t help when you want real feedback e.g. how is my app helping you solve your problem or why would my app not work for your company etc. The best way to get real feedback is to ask — drop a personal email and ask for feedback.

Use email for feedback. Emails are not urgent and it shows that you respect the other person’s time.

Setting up Skype calls can get frustrating if you have to go back and forth to setup a mutually agreeable time.

What I am trying lately is to do some research on the people who are in trial and match certain criteria. I then drop them a highly personalised email. This is a lot of work and maybe counter-intuitive to running an automated, low-touch SaaS business. But, in our highly-automated world, who would not like a customised email just for them. It shows you care.

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