Making Money or Making a Living?

04 Mar 2013

I received a mail an hour ago and I thought I should share it with you’ll. It probably is one of those chain mails that makes their way around every so once in a while. But, this one had some substance to it — Making money or making a living. How many times we keep chasing after money only to forget to live. Here is the gist…

So, what happened? Where did they go wrong? They most certainly made lots and lots of money.They were very wealthy . But what did they lack then?

In fact , as much as they knew how to make a living, they forgot to make a life! Instead, they just made Money! Money provides comfort and status, so true. It also provides food for the hungry, medicine for the sick, clothes for the needy; and shelter for the homeless, yet, noteworthy to mention that is only a medium of exchange.

Our education system needs to share two kinds of education. One that teaches us skills on how to make a living; and one that teaches us values on how to live life, free from entrapment of chasing after an illusion of happiness. Many people are entrapped in that chase neglecting health, family, the social responsibilities,

the environment and moment by moment of real deep fresh breathing. The kids are sleeping when we leave home. They are sleeping when we come home.

Twenty years later, we WILL turn back, and they’ll all be gone. Same goes for our health, dreams, and purpose in life . Twenty years later, they will all be gone or afar distant memory .

Without water, a ship cannot move. The ship needs water. Yet, if the water gets
into the ship, the ship will face problems and potentially sink. Similarly, we live in a time where earning is a necessity; but let not the earning enter our hearts; for, what was once a means of living, will become heavy chain, an entrapment and a means of destruction !!!???

So take a moment and ask yourself ….

“Has the water entered my ship ?”

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