The Other Lens

06 Oct 2013

The Samsung Galaxy Gear says “First!” in hardware form. Samsung has beaten Google and Apple as the first major manufacturer to market, but much like the Internet commenter, it has sacrificed substance for the sake of timing.

I was reading “Death by incompatibility: A Samsung Galaxy Gear review” on ArsTechnica and the snippet above got me thinking...

Contrary to the popular belief, what if just for a moment remove money and market share from the equation.

Then, maybe, you can...

Focus on building something that people really care about and love.

Spend more time refining your product rather than pushing out something mediocre.

Think and ponder about what people want.

Try this...

Close your eyes and think about all the happy customers using your product. Stay there for 2 minutes.

You might just visualize new insights into how to better solve their problems.

Money is just the by-product of what happens when you do the right thing — making useful things for your customers to help them lead a better life.

Sometimes, it is good to switch focus and see through the other lens.

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