Simon Sinek - The Finite and Infinite Games of Leadership

17 Jul 2017

Simon Sinek Talk at Google ><

This is a must-watch video if you are running or working in a company. A few gems from the video (written as I understood the talk):

  1. The goal is not to beat your competition, but the goal is to outlast your competition.
  2. Don’t compete on features.
  3. Infinite players thing long term and focus on their vision, values etc. They make their decisions by first seeing if the decision fits within their long term vision.
  4. Infinite players don’t worry about short-term losses or ups and downs.
  5. Compete with yourself. Build your company for the long terms. Maybe, have a 50 or 100 year vision. At first, your vision will make you feel uncomfortable and might be unachievable.
  6. People (employees, clients etc.) would want to be associated with your company because of your “movement”. Why do you exist?

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