Maxim Ananov of HazeOver

07 Jun 2019

Today, we interview Maxim, an independent software developer. I have been using HazeOver since the last 4 years and it is one of the small mac utilities that I just HAVE TO install on a new machine.

Maxim Ananov ><

Location: Pskov, Russia.
Favorite gadget: The new iPad Pro.
Start your day with: I start my day around noon with a hearty brunch.
Favorite time-saving trick: I use sheets of paper to outline tasks for the day and the nearest future. I find it satisfying to cross them out one by one and then crumble and throw out the sheet when it's complete.
Daily reading: I have a couple dozen of RSS subscriptions that I skim though regularly. Mostly tech, design and Mac related websites.

Maxim Ananov ><

Describe an average day at your company? What does your morning routine look like?

I'm an individual developer and without a boss and hard deadlines so my routine is quite sloppy. I work at home and there's no regular schedule. Some days I do nothing but ruminate and plan things to do or look for ideas. Some days I code 12-16 hours in a row when I get in the flow. The hardest part is to make myself get started. Then I lose track of time and can't get myself to stop working. It's not something that I'd recommend as a way to make things done, but it works for me.

How did you get into programming? Do you focus on a few languages or try to learn new things going along? Any tips for newbie programmers?

I got interested in programming when I was a kid in the 90s. My cousin showed me some simple programming stuff on ZX Spectrum. For my projects I tend to do everything myself. So I had to teach myself different skills along the way to realize my ideas – programming, scripting, web development, copywriting and design. I'm in no way an expert in those fields, but I learn just enough to solve related problems. For example for an app I design and code it, draw an icon, create a website and write content for it.

My number one tip for a newbie programmer would be to keep learning stuff even if it's not directly related to programming or a single language. Don't lock yourself into a knowledge bubble. You'd be more effective at understanding how your work relates to other fields. If you work in a team, you'd integrate better and it gives you new ideas and perspective. Also some skills transfer really well to new knowledge domains.

What is your dev setup look like? What apps/tools do you use to help you aid in your development work?

I work on a 15" MacBook Pro. That's the only prerequisite. For better or worse it gives me flexibility to work anywhere. Sometimes I work at the table, then I move on to a sofa with the laptop on my belly. And when I travel I can get work done on the go or in a park. Some parts of my apps were written on a long haul bus trips or a flights.

What does your wind down routine look like?

To wind down I play some video games.

A big thanks to Maxim for taking the time out to answer these questions! If you are a developer and love to be featured here please get in touch with me.

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