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01 Jun 2019

Companies and teams can work like a well-oiled machine. It does not have to be chaotic at work. A lot of misery can be put to rest if people at companies documented processes and systems in place. When I consult with companies, this is one of the first things I look for. How prepared is this company to scale?

People create processes (the way they work) but never document them.

Is it because they are afraid that their job will be dispensible now that they have given an exact blueprint of how they work and what needs to be done? Are they lazy to get this done because “why bother, the works getting done” mentality? This to me is a “hoarders” mindset - people who want to protect their jobs at any cost. These people stick to the same routine and seldom grow. They love the comfort of repetative tasks that have a predictable outcome.

Instead, companies need people who learn, teach others let go and grow. You don’t need to move between jobs at a company but by creating processes (documenting, letting go or improving the way you work) you can get your current work done more efficiently and can focus on higher-value core work. For example, a manager who is spending most of his week fire-fighting with clients and co-ordinate with vendors can set up systems so that others in his team (or a new employee in the future) can help him do some of the busy work while he uses his  energy on more important work!

Here are a few examples of processes that you can think of creating to speed up work and save time:

Systems and processes are cogs in a company. It just depends on how well-oiled they are!

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