Focused Product - Kindle

25 Aug 2020

Lately, I have been taking a break from my Kindle and reading some fiction classics the good ol’ fashioned way. What I miss about the Kindle (and my daughter agrees with me) is the dictionary! The Kindle makes it so easy to look up a word.

When I am in the flow while reading a book, I need to whip out my phone and swip right for the dictionary. I have tried Siri, but it’s hopeless. By the time I get the meaning of the word I am already distracted (that flow of messages/chats etc.) and snapped out of the story. Or maybe, I might want to just dip into an app just for a minute to check out something. Focus gone.

More over, this conversation got us talking about how the Kindle is such an amazing focused and portable device. It does one thing and one thing absolutely well and it is an absolute pleasure reading and learning on the Kindle.

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