20 Things I Learnt and Experienced in 2020

19 Jan 2021

It Is What It Is ><

20 things I learnt and experienced in 2020 (which I otherwise might have overlooked in a normal year).

  1. Shit can hit the roof tomorrow. Make the most of today. Take nothing for granted.
  2. What doesnโ€™t kill you (twin surgeries during the lockdown), does makes you stronger.
  3. The world is run by software. The traditional office and 9-5 is overrated. You can reclaim a lot of time by working remotely.
  4. You can get through life by studying Stoicsm.
  5. Living and remote working from another country is refreshing.
  6. You donโ€™t need to go to the gym to workout.
  7. Never ever re-think or put off a travel plan.
  8. Learning new skills (programming languages, app dev) is therapeutic.
  9. Reading can take you to places even in a lockdown.
  10. Kids can inspire you in tough times.
  11. Personal connection is real. Never put off meeting a friend.
  12. Adaptability is our greatest strength.
  13. Being alone with your thoughts for extended time is hard.
  14. Journaling is calming.
  15. Mental health is more important than our physical health.
  16. Not being able to do a lot of things is actually quite humbling.
  17. A strong support system can get you through the toughest of challenges.
  18. You are stronger than you think you are.
  19. In times of need people are inherently, extremely helpful.
  20. It is what it is.


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