A Man & His Watch

27 Mar 2021

A Man & His Watch

“My father taught me early on to acquire things not based on the monetary value, but because you love them.”

- Henry Leutwyler, Photographer.

This book is a fantastic read about the authentic stories of watches and their owners. My biggest takeaway after reading this book is - the value of a watch is not related to the price but to what it truly means to the owner - watches are incredibly personal, and it’s wrong to judge why someone is wearing a particular watch. A watch has a deeper meaning than keeping time, and it tells the world who you are. Sometimes, a watch is a conversation starter. You could be wearing a $100 watch, and it could mean the world to you than someone who is wearing a $100,000 watch having acquired it for bragging rights.

Reading the stories in this book is very humbling.

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