19 Jul 2021

We try and avoid boredom, but actually boredom is a fundamental part of creativity. It's only when the mind wanders do we have space to come up truly creative solutions.

The issue with today's executive's back-to-back schedules is that there is no downtime, and therefore no room for boredom. Ergo, you can't be creative if you have a full calendar.

So I try not to keep a calendar. I keep my company's communication completely asynchronous and I make space for boredom.

Something I read today on Alex MacCaw's blog.

This is absolutely true. I catch myself shifting from different gadgets over the course of the day. Although, over the last year I have carved out some time in the afternoon to not do anything. Just like our bodies, our brains need rest.

Being busy should not be a badge of honour.

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