Watches & the Pandemic

21 Jul 2021

A very interesting thought on "What's Next for Watches?" in NYTimes by Peter Noel Murray.

How has the pandemic affected the consumer psyche?

The mind of the consumer has focused on uncertainty, vulnerability, the need for stability — that’s what’s driving all the conversations I’m having now.

People are asking themselves — largely driven by the pandemic, but compounded by the social unrest that’s going on — where are we headed? There are concerns about the economic future. People are reeling about what happens to jobs, local businesses. They are yearning for situations that are less disruptive and more predictive, so they can start to feel back in control of their lives.

From a strategic perspective, you’d better be talking about factors like authenticity and truth and timelessness — those kinds of constructs always have been an important part of the luxury mind- set, and never more than now.

Swiss watches are just that - authentic, timeless and built to last. They provide the certainty that is more than required right now.

Strapping a Pilot's watch (pick your brand, I know mine) feels apt in the current times - navigating the pandemic and everything that comes with it :)

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