Website Performance

10 Mar 2021

I have been digging into JAMStack and last year even updated this blog using Eleventy. JAMStack is a better, efficient and secure way to build websites. I am sold. The companies I work with have their web properties built using PHP and MYSQL. There is nothing wrong with this and it’s been working but in terms of performance and "is it the correct way to do something" it's utter crap. One does not need to go to the database to serve up a page. Instead what I think JAMStack has got right is to create the page during the build process. If there is no real-time data that needs to be pulled then it absolutely does not make sense to fetch data from a database. This takes a performance hit.

What I would love to see are these web properties being upgraded to JAMStack. Unfortunately, the biggest hurdle is "not enough time". Not enough time to learn something new. Not enough time to move away from the current tasks. Just not enough time. How does one learn a new stroke while they are already swimming?

Just like maintaining, upgrading to new skills and technologies is paramount. Managers and teams need to keep this in mind while planning the scope of projects. New features can wait. Focus on the performance of your sites. It's the one thing that your users will always care about.

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