Born to Create

03 May 2022

Shower musings...

I am born to create software than to manage people.

I am seeing myself get back into programming and creation. This is what I truly love doing - deep work, focus and problem solving. Programming gets me in the flow and everything else just drifts away. I am excited all day to get working and I feel this is my true north. Let's stay committed to it and trust the universe on this one.

Small challenges daily = small wins daily.

Since working on the new React Native project I am challenging myself everyday and week. I mentally decide what I am going to accomplish today (this is very specific) - "caching data for the Dashboard page" or "building the login form with Formik and validation with Yup". I keep a log of what I accomplish and the challenges (including links of all helpful articles) in Apple Notes. This has been immensely helpful in building out the app - it's not daunting anymore as I have broken up the project into crumbs.

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