Light vs Dark Mode

28 May 2022

Now on to programming. If you're using a dark colour scheme, you're deliberately adding extra delay, so says the Pulfrich effect. Sure the difference seems negligible, it's only a few milliseconds. Actually, it's a few milliseconds every time you "rescan" your screen; that's between 10 or 50 times a second, depending on what research you want to believe. Still you probably won't notice any real-time difference, but over time this adds up, and the extra effort needed by your eyes can become to feel exhausting.

Besides the Pulfrich effect, there are other reasons that make light colour schemes superior. First of there's what human eyes are used to, what they are built for. Most of us are awake during the day and asleep at night. The human eye is better adapted to interpreting light scenes with dark points of focus, instead of the other way around.

Fantastic article by Brent of Stitcher on why light themes are better according to science - "Which colour scheme is better?"

I am a convert.

I switched from Drakula to Github light on VSCode with a font size of 14 (Macbook Pro M1 14 inch). In dim light, I switch to Github Dark Dimmed.

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