Building Features

17 Oct 2023

Adding new features to an app takes thinking. The easiest solution is not always the right solution. Sometimes it could mean that you are probably taking the lazy route. Instead, think about how the feature is going to be adopted. Put yourself in the user's shoes. Feel what they will feel while coming in touch with the feature. Visualize them interacting with the software. Is the feature well integrated in the current flow so the user does not need to think?

A well thought out feature is when you stop making your users think!

Recently, our team at PPFAS, encountered a new feature which would let them instantly redeem their investments on the same day. The easiest route suggested was to create a button on the Redemption page and let users who want to do this click on "Insta Redemption". This was the lazy solution. People don't think of doing a redemption because there is an Insta Redemption feature. They do a redemption because they need the money!

A more elegant approach (in the works) is to build insta-redemption within the flow of redemption so the user does not need to think. When certain parameters for insta-redemption are met, we will trigger an insta-redemption and let the user know that is going to happen and they can expect the credit within the same day (or whatever the rules are). Simple, clean and precise.

Always, think about the user and how the solution benefits them.

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