Reading Books

05 Oct 2023

Sound advice from a friend when I asked him how he manages to read so many books in a month...

You can either do it the arithmetic way or the curiosity way.

Arithmetic way
Read 20 pages per day (can increase this number eventually) of any book you want to read. In a year you will at least finish 22-24 books cover to cover on average.

Curiosity way
Read what you want to learn about & then don't bother too much about finishing books cover to cover because many things are repeated if you are reading about the same topic by different authors. Then you will not only end up reading more than 20-25 pages per day but also read to remember because you are already curious about the topic. Eventually the numbers will add up. Can comfortably cover 50+ books in a year.

Aim is not the number of books but aim is to learn.

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