Stage Manager. Yuck.

01 Nov 2023

I love the Kindle. It does one thing and only one thing well - helps us read. There are no distractions, notifications and multiple windows. Just a perfect reading device.

I think of the same way for my iPad Pro. When I want to consume information, read some articles or quickly go through my emails, I'll fire up my iPad and go through each task with a full screen. Simple, smooth and I am in the flow when I have one thing in front of me.

The brain is at it's best when it can focus on one thing (think of Carl Newport's Deep Work) and that's why I dislike the Stage Manager feature that Apple introduced in the last few years. I don't see any point for Stage Manager to even exist on the iPad! I rather have my window full screen and do one thing at a time. If I need to switch I'll command+tab. With a smaller real estate why would I even want multiple windoes cluttering the screen?

I get it - Apple is adding multi-tasking capability to please everyone (and they give a way to turn off that feature) but if you are like me who likes to work on one thing at a time, then switching off Stage Manager across your devices is the way to go!

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