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  1. Version 1.0

    Software version 1.0 is always the best.
  2. 6 Days Being Superhuman

    It's not about the money. It's about how software makes you feel.
    #email #software
  3. Goodbye Squarespace. Hello Eleventy, Tailwind CSS and Netlify!

    Moving my blog from Squarespace to Eleventy (11ty) with Tailwind CSS on Netlify.
    #eleventy #tailwindcss #software
  4. First Impressions of HEY.com

    Less is more.
  5. Fast Software

    Software that’s speedy usually means it’s focused!
  6. A Fresh Start

    Doing away with the and bringing in the new.
  7. Build it for yourself

    Pleasing everyone is impossible.
  8. Add one more feature or else…

    When customers pressurize you to add more features.
  9. Pay for Software

    It is great to support companies that build good software.
  10. Do.com Shuts Down, Transparency & Alternatives

    Smaller software firms should not be afraid to compete with larger firms.
  11. Free Software?

    There is no free lunch. Why free software?
  12. Learn to Change & Don’t Program Everything Yet

    Focus on what is working and the results. Less on what you have done.
  13. 8 Things I Learnt After Launching My SaaS App, Brightpod

    Lessons I learnt building a SaaS product from India.
    #saas #software
  14. You Should Pay for the Software You Use

    They might live longer.
  15. Goodbye Google Reader

    Pay for the software you use. They might live longer.
    #google #software
  16. How Brightpod Got Featured on TheNextWeb and GigaOM Pro?

    Be genuine.
    #software #marketing
  17. Access to Same Software

    Software, cloud storage, hosting etc. are all becoming commodities.
  18. Details Matter

    Little things that matter in designing software.
  19. Building Gracious Software

    My ingredients for building fine software.

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