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  1. Capacity

    Manage capacity, not time.
  2. Do Nothing

    There is value in being in maintenance mode.
  3. Digital Detox

    “Less mental clutter means more mental resources available for deep thinking.” ― Cal Newport
  4. System + Processes

    It does not have to be chaotic at work.
  5. WhatsApp Is Eating Productivity

    Most of the stuff is never urgent.
  6. Doing Things in Context

    Tips on how to focus and learn new things!
  7. Minimum Viable Daily Tasks for Founders

    How to feel relaxed and in control every day.
  8. Building a Simple Routine

    How to be productive during the week?
  9. Procrastinate Reading to Save Time

    Stay away from information overload and save time.
  10. Your Idle Time

    Sit back and think.
  11. How I Managed Running a Startup & Writing a Book

    After about 1.5 years, ‘The SaaS Edge’ is finally published!
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