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  1. Kaketsugi

    Invisible mending.
  2. Spend On

    Quality stuff you should spend your money on…
  3. A Psychologically Rich Life

    It’s one characterized by “interesting experiences in which novelty and/or complexity are accompanied by profound changes in perspective.”
  4. Setting up the iMac - zsh, Oh My Zsh & Dracula

    A clean setup is always fun.
    #mac #life
  5. In Code

    I am a developer at heart.
  6. Puzzle Time

    1000 piece puzzle during the first week of lockdown.
  7. Summer

    Pool, beach and outdoors.
  8. Living in the moment

    A complete information diet is healthy sometimes.
  9. Building a Business at the Cost Of What?

    Health or wealth?
    #life #business
  10. Productivity Hacks of a Startup Dad

    Life changed when I became a father!
  11. Making Money or Making a Living?

    As youself if the water has entered your ship?
  12. Being a Freedom Entrepreneur

    Don't be bound by the shackles of corporate lifestyle design.
    #business #life
  13. Do SaaS Founders Enjoy a Good Work-Life Balance?

    Enjoy a balanced life while running a 24/7 business.
    #saas #life
  14. Evenings

    When is the last time you saw the sun set?
  15. Success

    How do you define success?
  16. Startup Dad

    Working smart while enjoying being a dad!
  17. 90 Days

    If you had only 90 days to live, how would you think differently?

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