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  1. Getting Feedback for Your SaaS App

    Make it personalized.
  2. 8 Things I Learnt After Launching My SaaS App, Brightpod

    Lessons I learnt building a SaaS product from India.
    #saas #software
  3. 12 Tips for a Stress-Free Vacation From a SaaS Entrepreneur

    Life is short. Work Smart. Have fun.
  4. Building a SaaS Business — 2007 vs 2013

    Looking back and comparing the differences.
  5. 2 Things to Keep in Mind When Starting a SaaS Business

    Just serve the main course. No side-orders.
  6. Saas In India

    Why Indian businesses are going to lap up Cloud Software?
  7. Do SaaS Founders Enjoy a Good Work-Life Balance?

    Enjoy a balanced life while running a 24/7 business.
    #saas #life
  8. You Win Some, You Lose Some

    Common reasons for churn in a SaaS business.
  9. Simplicity

    Is Simplicity a USP in a SaaS business?
  10. Code of Conduct for SaaS Companies

    We have a responsibility on our hands.
  11. Ticket to SaaS

    What value are you adding?

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