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  1. Having Conviction

    Must watch for entrepreneurs!
  2. Not Selling Responsibly

    Are you selling or interrupting?
  3. Playing Golf Makes Me a Better Leader

    The course calls you back every week. It’s a challenge that is thrown at you.
  4. Digital Omnivores

    Do not ignore the early adopters!
  5. Building a Business at the Cost Of What?

    Health or wealth?
    #life #business
  6. Biz Thoughts - Think Today, Not Tomorrow.

    Just like life, don't miss out on the present.
  7. Startup lessons from a Sushi Chef

    Awesome documentary - Jiro Dreams of Sushi.
  8. Being a Freedom Entrepreneur

    Don't be bound by the shackles of corporate lifestyle design.
    #business #life
  9. Dealing With Anxiety

    Tackle anxiety the right way while growing your business.
  10. Enjoy a Recurring Revenue Business

    Should you start a service or a product business?
  11. What I Want to Build

    Life is short so you better know what you are up to.
  12. Is Your Business a Feature?

    A question you need to ask yourself early in the game.
  13. First 100

    How to get your SaaS business its first 100 customers? (InformationWeek)
  14. Key Takeaways - The Angry Birds Story

    How Rovio made Angry Birds a Winner.
  15. Killer Startups From India

    5 reasons you will see killer web startups from India soon.
  16. Are You Playing in a Crowded Space?

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with playing this game.
  17. Small Businesses Rock

    My experience with working in large companies.
  18. Simple Software

    Thoughts on simple and bloated software.
  19. Starting a Web Product Company From India?

    My brain dump on the 10 things one should look out for when building a product company.
  20. Knowledge Vapor

    Accumalated knowledge should be part of the company.

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